Vol 7 (2015)

Table of Contents

1. [PDF] First order irrationality criteria for series
Lee Butler
2. [PDF] Limit laws and automorphism groups of random nonrigid structures
Ove Ahlman, Vera Koponen
3. [PDF] Near equivalence on metric spaces and a nonstandard central limit theorem
Charles Geyer, Bernardo Borba de Andrade
4. [PDF] Genericity and UD-random reals
Wesley Calvert, Johanna N.Y. Franklin
5. [PDF] Differential geometry via infinitesimal displacements
Tahl Nowik, Mikhail G. Katz
6. [PDF] Interpreter for topologists
Jindrich Zapletal
7. [PDF] The interplay of classes of algorithmically random objects
Quinn Culver, Christopher P Porter

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