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Vol 8 (2016) A coinductive approach to computing with compact sets Abstract   3. [PDF]
Ulrich Berger, Dieter Spreen
Vol 1 (2009) A computational aspect of the Lebesgue differentiation theorem Details   9. [PDF]
Noopur Pathak
Vol 8 (2016) A constructive examination of rectifiability Abstract   4. [PDF]
Douglas Bridges, Matthew Hendtlass, Erik Palmgren
Vol 4 (2012) A constructive proof of Simpson’s Rule Details   15. [PDF]
Thierry Coquand, Bas Spitters
Vol 4 (2012) A correspondence principle for the Gowers norms Details   4. [PDF]
Henry Towsner
Vol 1 (2009) A decomposition of Brouwer’s fan theorem Details   6. [PDF]
Josef Berger
Vol 2 (2010) A lambda calculus for real analysis Details   5. [PDF]
Paul Taylor
Vol 4 (2012) A logical analysis of the generalized Banach contractions principle Details   17. [PDF]
Alexander P. Kreuzer
Vol 4 (2012) A metastable dominated convergence theorem Details   3. [PDF]
Jeremy Avigad, Edward T Dean, Jason Rute
Vol 9 (2017) A non-standard approach to a constrained forced oscillator Abstract   4. [PDF]
Dalibor Prazak, Kumbakonam R. Rajagopal, Jakub Slavik
Vol 4 (2012) A note on Brouwer’s weak continuity principle and the transfer principle in nonstandard analysis Details   2. [PDF]
Erik Palmgren
Vol 9 (2017) A point-free characterisation of Bishop locally compact metric spaces Abstract   C2. [PDF]
Tatsuji Kawai
Vol 5 (2013) A topological set theory implied by ZF and GPK+ Details   1. [PDF]
Andreas Fackler
Vol 2 (2010) Addendum and Erratum to “Geometric spaces with no points” Details   6a. [PDF]
Robert Lubarsky
Vol 3 (2011) Algebraic properties of external numbers Details   9. [PDF]
Bruno Dinis, Imme van den Berg
Vol 8 (2016) An algebraic weak factorisation system on 01-substitution sets: a constructive proof Abstract   1. [PDF]
Andrew Wakelin Swan
Logic and Analysis Vol 1 (2007-8) Asymptotics of families of solutions of nonlinear difference equations Details   153-185
Imme P. van den Berg
Vol 4 (2012) Axiom of Choice in nonstandard set theory Details   8. [PDF]
Karel Hrbacek
Vol 9 (2017) Axiomatics for the external numbers of nonstandard analysis Abstract   7. [PDF]
Bruno Miguel Antunes Dinis, Imme Pieter Van den Berg
Vol 9 (2017) Cardinal invariants of strongly porous sets Abstract   6. [PDF]
Osvaldo Guzmán, Michael Hrušák, Arturo Martinez-Celis
Vol 4 (2012) Cell decomposition for semiaffine structures on p-adic fields Details   14. [PDF]
Eva Leenknegt
Vol 9 (2017) Clarke's generalized gradient and Edalat's L-derivative Abstract   C1. [PDF]
Peter Hertling
Vol 6 (2014) Compactness of ωλ for λ singular Abstract   2. [PDF]
Paolo Lipparini
Vol 2 (2010) Complex spaces and nonstandard schemes Details   9. [PDF]
Adel Khalfallah, Siegmund Kosarew
Vol 3 (2011) Constructive reverse investigations into differential equations Details   8. [PDF]
Hannes Diener, Iris Loeb
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