Vol 1 (2009)

Table of Contents

1. [PDF] Modular functionals and perturbations of Nakano spaces
Itaï Ben Yaacov
2. [PDF] Diffusion processes via parabolic equations: an infinitesimal approach to Lindeberg’s limit theorem
Heinz Weisshaupt
3. [PDF] Integrals and valuations
Thierry Coquand, Bas Spitters
4. [PDF] Decomposition of terms in Lucas sequences
Abdelmadjid Boudaoud
5. [PDF] Nonstandard hulls of locally exponential Lie algebras
Isaac Goldbring
6. [PDF] A decomposition of Brouwer’s fan theorem
Josef Berger
7. [PDF] On perturbations of Hilbert spaces and probability algebras with a generic automorphism
Itaï Ben Yaacov, Alexander Berenstein
8. [PDF] Relative set theory: Internal view
Karel Hrbacek
9. [PDF] A computational aspect of the Lebesgue differentiation theorem
Noopur Pathak
10. [PDF] Signed-bit representations of real numbers
Robert Lubarsky, Fred Richman
11. [PDF] Localic completion of generalized metric spaces II: Powerlocales
Steven Vickers

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