Vol 3 (2011)

Table of Contents

1. [PDF] Conway names, the simplicity hierarchy and the surreal number tree
Philip Ehrlich
2. [PDF] Subspace structure of some operator and Banach spaces
Timur Oikhberg, Christian Rosendal
3. [PDF] Locating subsets of B(H) relative to seminorms inducing the strong-operator topology
Douglas Bridges
4. [PDF] Uniform liftings of continuous mappings
Alexander P Pyshchev
5. [PDF] Minima and best approximations in constructive analysis
Matthew Hendtlass, Peter Schuster
6. [PDF] Unique paths as formal points
Thierry Coquand, Peter Schuster
7. [PDF] Ends of groups: a nonstandard perspective
Isaac Goldbring
8. [PDF] Constructive reverse investigations into differential equations
Hannes Diener, Iris Loeb
9. [PDF] Algebraic properties of external numbers
Bruno Dinis, Imme van den Berg
10. [PDF] Radically elementary analysis of an interacting particle system at an unstable equilibrium
Heinz Weisshaupt
11. [PDF] Quantifier elimination in the theory of Lp(Lq) Banach lattices
C Ward Henson, Yves Raynaud

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