Vol 4 (2012)

Table of Contents

1. [PDF] Convergence results for function spaces over o-minimal structures
Margaret E M Thomas
2. [PDF] A note on Brouwer’s weak continuity principle and the transfer principle in nonstandard analysis
Erik Palmgren
3. [PDF] A metastable dominated convergence theorem
Jeremy Avigad, Edward T Dean, Jason Rute
4. [PDF] A correspondence principle for the Gowers norms
Henry Towsner
5. [PDF] Generating the Pfaffian closure with total Pfaffian functions
Gareth Jones, Patrick Speissegger
6. [PDF] More reverse mathematics of the Heine-Borel Theorem
Jeffry L Hirst, Jessica Miller
7. [PDF] The Vitali covering theorem in constructive mathematics
Hannes Diener, Anton Hedin
8. [PDF] Axiom of Choice in nonstandard set theory
Karel Hrbacek
9. [PDF] Projective maximal families of orthogonal measures with large continuum
Vera Fischer, Sy David Friedman, Asger Törnquist
10. [PDF] Fixed point theorems in constructive mathematics
Matthew Hendtlass
11. [PDF] Relative set theory: Strong stability
Karel Hrbacek
12. [PDF] On uniform canonical bases in Lp lattices and other metric structures
Itaï Ben Yaacov
13. [PDF] Reverse mathematics, trichotomy, and dichotomy
François G Dorais, Jeffry L Hirst, Paul Shafer
14. [PDF] Cell decomposition for semiaffine structures on p-adic fields
Eva Leenknegt
15. [PDF] A constructive proof of Simpson’s Rule
Thierry Coquand, Bas Spitters
16. [PDF] Regions in the nonstandard plane that contain no standard points
Steven C. Leth
17. [PDF] A logical analysis of the generalized Banach contractions principle
Alexander P. Kreuzer

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