Logic and Analysis Vol 1 (2007-8)

Table of Contents

Pdf Introducing Logic and Analysis
Nigel Cutland
1-60 Enlargements of schemes
Lars Brünjes, Christian Serpé
61-89 Inverse problem for cuts
Renling Jin
91-129 Nonlinear stochastic integrals for hyperfinite Lévy processes
Tom Lindstrøm
131-152 On the constructive Dedekind reals
Robert S. Lubarsky, Michael Rathjen
153-185 Asymptotics of families of solutions of nonlinear difference equations
Imme P. van den Berg
187-204 Noetherian varieties in definably complete structures
Tamara Servi
205-234 Full algebra of generalized functions and non-standard asymptotic analysis
Todor D. Todorov, Hans Vernaeve
235-272 Topometric spaces and perturbations of metric structures
Itaï Ben Yaacov

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