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Vol 4 (2012) Fixed point theorems in constructive mathematics Details   10. [PDF]
Matthew Hendtlass
Vol 11 (2019) Frames and topological algebras for a double-power monad Abstract   FT5. [PDF]
Giulia Frosoni, Giuseppe Rosolini, Alessio Santamaria
Logic and Analysis Vol 1 (2007-8) Full algebra of generalized functions and non-standard asymptotic analysis Details   205-234
Todor D. Todorov, Hans Vernaeve
Vol 9 (2017) Functions of limited accumulation Abstract   2. [PDF]
Imme van den Berg
Vol 4 (2012) Generating the Pfaffian closure with total Pfaffian functions Details   5. [PDF]
Gareth Jones, Patrick Speissegger
Vol 7 (2015) Genericity and UD-random reals Abstract   4. [PDF]
Wesley Calvert, Johanna N.Y. Franklin
Vol 2 (2010) Geometric spaces with no points Details   6. [PDF]
Robert Lubarsky
Vol 2 (2010) Harmonic measure and subanalytically tame measures Details   7. [PDF]
Tobias Kaiser
Vol 9 (2017) How constructive is constructing measures? Abstract   C3. [PDF]
Arno Pauly, Willem Fouché
Vol 1 (2009) Integrals and valuations Details   3. [PDF]
Thierry Coquand, Bas Spitters
Vol 7 (2015) Interpreter for topologists Abstract   6. [PDF]
Jindrich Zapletal
Logic and Analysis Vol 1 (2007-8) Introducing Logic and Analysis Details   Pdf
Nigel Cutland
Logic and Analysis Vol 1 (2007-8) Inverse problem for cuts Details   61-89
Renling Jin
Vol 7 (2015) Limit laws and automorphism groups of random nonrigid structures Abstract   2. [PDF]
Ove Ahlman, Vera Koponen
Vol 5 (2013) Lipschitz functions on topometric spaces Abstract   8. [PDF]
Itaï Ben Yaacov
Vol 1 (2009) Localic completion of generalized metric spaces II: Powerlocales Details   11. [PDF]
Steven Vickers
Vol 10 (2018) Locally compact Stone duality Abstract   2. [PDF]
Tristan Bice, Charles Starling
Vol 3 (2011) Locating subsets of B(H) relative to seminorms inducing the strong-operator topology Details   3. [PDF]
Douglas Bridges
Vol 10 (2018) Long reals Abstract   1. [PDF]
David Aspero, Konstantinos Tsaprounis
Vol 6 (2014) Measure, category and projective wellorders Abstract   8. [PDF]
Vera Fischer, Sy David Friedman, Yurii Khomskii
Vol 3 (2011) Minima and best approximations in constructive analysis Details   5. [PDF]
Matthew Hendtlass, Peter Schuster
Vol 1 (2009) Modular functionals and perturbations of Nakano spaces Details   1. [PDF]
Itaï Ben Yaacov
Vol 4 (2012) More reverse mathematics of the Heine-Borel Theorem Details   6. [PDF]
Jeffry L Hirst, Jessica Miller
Vol 7 (2015) Near equivalence on metric spaces and a nonstandard central limit theorem Abstract   3. [PDF]
Charles Geyer, Bernardo Borba de Andrade
Vol 10 (2018) New effective bounds for the approximate common fixed points and asymptotic regularity of nonexpansive semigroups Abstract   7. [PDF]
Angeliki Koutsoukou-Argyraki
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